Legends Lane Reproductive Services is dedicated, (through science and technology), to assist cattle producers to maximize the genetic potential of their livestock.

Advanced reproductive technologies such as Conventional (in vivo) donor collection, Embryo transfer, and In Vitro fertilization (IVF), allow us to more predictably reproduce offspring to exhibit the desired traits of your herd.

Statewide, we are acknowledged for being "your" expert animal caretakers. Our highly trained staff specializes in year round observation and administration of medication to alleviate the demands of our clients busy schedules. Our in clinic experience helps us to amplify your results.

Our travels to your farms allow us to stay rooted in your families and farming operations. It is most rewarding to watch the family farms transfer from one generation to the next.

Through Advanced Reproductive Technologies, Donor housing, Recipient options, to Farm visits, the staff at Legends Lane Reproductive Services aims to serve your needs.

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