Y-NOT Cattle

Anthony Topmiller, Farm Manager


After using a few different Embryologist and technicians, I wasn't having the exact results I felt like I should be having with our flushes. I decided to give Eastern Ohio Embryo a call. After a brief consultation with Dr. Stout, I was certain I had found my new embryologist. I have been working with Dr. Stout and his wife, Sheri since April of 2012. I can honestly say, it has been a pleasure to work such professionals.

I delivered our first donor to Dr. Stout in April of 2012 and her first flush with him netted us 45 freezable embryos. To say I was a believer would be an understatement. As time and technology advanced, we saw a need and a use for IVF work in our program. I was skeptical and leery of the results I had heard. Dr. Stout provided me with the information I need to make educated decisions. I'm glad we have been able to take advantage of this service through his practice. His knowledge and advice is second to none.

I've always been able to count on Dr. Stout to get it right. No matter if its a conventional flush, and IVF flush or implanting embryos. Our results with him have been better than good. He IS the reason we are able to get as many things done as we can. A good service provider doesn't cost you money, they make you money.

I would now consider Dr. Stout and his wife, Sheri more than vendors at this point. They have become friends of mine, and I trust that they will do the right things to see that we are successful in our genetic progress. I recommend Eastern Ohio Embryo to everyone I know. I don't care where you are, or how challenging your cow is, give him a chance at her. He is simply the best in the business!




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